About Us

Boston Boys

Being one of the hard working Boston Boys, everyone knows you have to go where the money is! Well in the quest for this Boston Boys financial stability Owner and CEO Jason Durand was forced to move out of the greatest city in the world. While in territories unknown (The west coast) he started to realize the morals, attitude and style of home were not recognized in his current city. Missing that camaraderie of his Boston friends and family he began searching for other transplants in the area social life and found it hard to identify other people from Boston unless they were wearing a Sox cap or Patriots jersey, even then it was a gamble (Posers!)! With that in mind he started to think of a way he could be identified himself as Boston native without ever having to open his mouth, because that accent would surely give it away. With the help of his best friend, Robert Rosenberg, he came up with the "Boston Boy" idea.
It was just a simple shirt, but when the other natives saw it, they grew restless.
"Where'd'ya get that shirt, kid?"
They'd say it all the time.
Everyone wanted one! Who could believe it?
Jason says to Rob, "Maybe we should start selling these things?"
So, here we are today... a website and everything.
What a pissuh!